Monday, June 9, 2008

Yes i agree that using the Internet for fundraising is a good idea because by playing games on the computer means helping a child eat everyday then its a good idea.

I think is a great website because when you play you donate rice to people who can't afford it in developing country's. They donate 20 grains of rice for one word and 100 grains of rice for five words. Playing the game is easy, first they give you a word and ask for the meaning, they give you four choices.
For example- agony means:


The right answer for that word is pain which means i got 20 grains of rice.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Allison lozz

Allison Marian Lozano Núñez aka Allison Lozz was born August 11, 1992 in Chihuahua. She is my idol because she got her dream at the age of 8 when she started in her first novela , and buy that she show how no mater what age you are you can get your dream at any age by just trying.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

News paper article

Tulip Festival

Maritza Torres-Bello in Ottawa

Here every spring in Ottawa during May 2 - 19

we have a wonderful tulip festival celebrate the

beautiful tulips. The Tulip Festival all started when

the dutch government and royal family donated over

100,000 tulips to Canada to thank Canadians for helping

them during world war 2. During the Tulip Festival people

look at the tulips and there is also a cultural show.

I think cell phones are both helpful and distracting. Cellphones are helpful in case you are stuck somewhere and you can use it to call somebody. Cellphones are distracting because while someone is driving people start talking on there phones and they get caught up in talking and that is when they start driving slower.

After high school i would like to go to university and just get school over with then i would travel for a couple of months then i would start working at my new dentist office.

Yes immigrants to Canada can still keep their culture and language because here in Canada we are called "the mixed salad" which means we are encouraged to keep our culture.

School improves students behaviour by teaching them how to hand things in on time and to not be late for class which teaches students hoe to be on time for work and to be responsible in the future.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summary Article (Real friends & Wanting to be rich)

Real friends is an article which tells you about sometimes people who act like your friend can be person who hurts you the most. For example in this book it talks about a girl named Darlene who is starting middle school at a new school where she has no friends, until she went on the bus and met a nice guy named Jared. At lunch while sitting with Jared a girl named Bianca came over and toiled Darlene that she knew her older brother Darrell, and Bianca toiled Darlene to hang out with them and left Jared alone at the table. After Bianca spending so much at Darlene's Bianca talked to her friend Rosa and toiled her I've been going to Darlene's house every day and Darrell hasn't asked me to the dance yet, while they were talking Darlene overheard them and toiled her brother what had happened. The next day Darrell toiled Bianca he was going to ask her to the dance but after what she did to his sister that she could just forget about it.

Wanting to be rich is an article which talks about how there is a new kid in Lincoln middle school named Rich King which is a rich boy with gold rings and silver necklaces. When Damon and his friends first saw Rich they wanted to be him, they also thought that he was those stuck up rich kids but he was nothing like that in fact he was a nice and friendly young man. Damon went up to Rich and started talking to him and found out that Rich liked to play basketball and also had the shoes he wanted. Later that day Rich went over to Damon's house for dinner and to meet Damon's five brothers and sisters. At the end of the story Rich joins Lincoln middle schools basketball team and leads them to victory.

Five Websites

Five websites that I use are because you can find information about work that your doing and it can even help you find people on it as well. because you can check your e-mail and people from other countries can send each other pictures. is good because I live to cook and it shows you how to bake good cakes and other deserts. is also a good website because you can talk with your friends on it when you need to tell them something in case you do not have there phone number. is a good website because you can find videos about all kinds of stuff like how to do your hair of now to make stuff like food.

About Myself

My name is Maritza Torres-Bello I am fourteen years old, I was born in Ottawa on November 22,1993 . My backgrounds are Peru from my mothers side and El Salvador from my fathers side. I live with my mother Gloria, my father German, my sister Judy, and my cat kitty. My features are black and brown long hair, and dark brown eyes.

My plans for this summer are to go shopping and go to the movies with my friends, babysit my cousins from July 1- 15. On July 16 I will be travelling to Peru for my aunts wedding, so I'm really excited for that. I'll be back in Canada on August 16. On August 20 i will be going to Toronto and stay for one week to visit my cousins and go to Niagara falls and Wonderland. On the last two weeks of summer i will be going to Montreal and go see the malls and try new food. In the next five years I will be studying to become a dentist in Carlton University, and when i finish university I will open a dentist office with my uncle who is already a dentist. I will also be open a restaurant because I love to cook.